The first time I saw this trend was an ad on Instagram for the “all things nails” company, Olive & June, with pastel colors. After some stalking I saw unexpected color combinations like this navy, nude, white, pink, and light blue and loved it even more. I would never think to put these colors together, but it totally works.


Olive & June also has some super cute pics of this style on their Instagram, but it could be just a little polish heart on each nail or in one post there’s cherries on two fingers while the rest are plain with a clear coat. It’s simple, but fun and creative.


As we know, everything comes back. This 90s style definitely made a return last summer and I’m still here for it. I think bucket hats are best worn with a swimsuit/beach day outfit or something casual like a simple top and wide-leg jeans with sneakers. It’s a great addition to sass up any fit to let the people know you’re trendy and hawt.

Kaia Gerber in a bucket hat, need I say more?


Who knew this was the word for bleach tie dye? Not me. Regardless, I think this is such a cute trend and a fun DIY project! I’ve been meaning to get some sweatpants from Walmart and make my own pair using one of the countless tutorials on YouTube. I also have been loving regular tie dye, but not so much “a unicorn regurgitated onto this hoodie” tie dye. These Urban Outfitters crewnecks are just what I’m talking about– there isn’t too much going on and they could be dressed up or down. Plus, we all love a good sweatshirt.

Urban Outfitters Tie-Dye Crewneck Sweatshirt


I think the fisherman heel is so cute. I got over the platform sandal trend about a month after it got big, so I’m super excited there’s finally an alternative. I just got this exact pair from Urban Outfitters (on sale!) and I seriously cannot wait to wear them this summer with skirts and casual dresses or trendy shorts.

UO Lia Fisherman Heeled Sandal


There is nothing more I love than a good chain necklace. Whether it’s a figaro chain or a chunky link chain, this has been my favorite accessory for a while. They make me feel cool, okay? Plus they’re cute and simple and look great layered with a longer necklace. Also love the padlock that’s on this link chain necklace from Brandy Melville.

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