I have a post from a while back about fast fashion– explaining what it is, its impact, the whole shabang. I listed a few popular retailers that fall under the wing of fast fashion, but wanted to save a separate blog post for their foil: sustainable brands. These brands work to create quality clothing pieces that will last and are working to make a difference. Unfortunately, no clothing is “good” for the environment– it all has some negative impact, but sustainable companies have a smaller negative impact. Key word: smaller. Below you can see sustainable brands I have or would shop at. There are obviously lots of other options, but these are my favorite style-wise. Let’s love our planet better.


You have no idea how happy I was to learn this company is sustainable. Levi 501s are a staple and I highly encourage every girl and gay to own a pair of these. BTdubs if you have thinner legs like I do, the 501 Skinny style fits like a regular 501 should. It takes over 2,000 gallons of water to make a single pair of jeans, but Levi’s removes water wherever it is possible. Considering this brand is known for their denim and has been for decades, what they’re doing makes a huge impact.

H&M Conscious

Every product from the H&M Conscious line has something about it that lessens its environmental impact. Plus, styles start at $10 which is great for people who struggle with big price tags. This line includes a large range of products with loungewear, intimates, jeans, tees, and nice dresses and tops.


This brand is sooooo cute. They have trendy and simple pieces, tons of jean styles, and even wedding outfits like bridal dresses and bridesmaids dresses. As most sustainable brands, they’re really passionate about the topic and have a whole About page on it. This brand is dope and does a great job of being trendy and sustainable.

For Love & Lemons

This is another brand I’m absolutely obsessed with. For Love & Lemons’ clothes are trendy and feminine, but also unique. If I had to pick one store to shop at for the rest of my life, this would be it. It is a little pricier like Reformation, but their clothes will last you longer than a fast fashion brand, which is the whole point here! Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular.

New Balance

In addition to the environment experiencing the impacts of fast fashion are the people who make the clothes in very poor conditions and for a low, unfair wage. New Balance seeks to ensure their employees are treated with respect and given a fair wage. They own footwear manufacturers in the UK and US, which is significant because companies will outsource laborers and underpay them. Side note: I’ve been loving the 990 style recently. It definitely had a frat boy moment circa 2015, but I think we need to reclaim it. Love a good chunky sneaker.

Rent the Runway

I’m very much on the wave that is renting clothes, especially formal dresses. Do you know how hard it is to rewear a formal dress? Answer: it’s very hard. Because you look poppin’ in a formal dress you’ll take lots of pictures, share them to social media, and you don’t want to rewear it for second cousin twice removed Tammy’s wedding the next week! And formal dresses are good at breaking the bank. Rent the Runway has super cute formal dresses, but also regular pieces like tops and bottoms. Plus, you can get an extra try-on size for free which is clutch.


My Patagonia fleece jacket and is a go-to in the winter because it does the best at keeping me warm. In addition to creating sustainable, quality products, Patagonia is involved in climate change activism. The brand has a bunch of awesome stories on their Activism page that show the work they’re doing to make a difference and help the earth.


Don’t worry, I would never leave you athleisure girls hanging. Athleta claims 60% of its products are made with sustainable fibers and 4% made with water-saving techniques. The brand is also an advocate for feminism and according to their website, 3,212 and counting women have been empowered through P.A.C.E. and Fair Trade. P.A.C.E. stands for Personal Advancement & Career Enhancement, a program that works to empower the women who make their product. And their stuff is cute!

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