I have been plagued by preferring gold jewelry over silver. I use this word due to the fact that the majority of my gold pieces are gold plated, not real gold, and eventually tarnish. I also have silver pieces which don’t tarnish and have to be replaced like gold plated. Because of this I’ve been introduced to “mixing metals.” When I received my first piece of nice, silver jewelry after only wearing gold, I immediately asked my mom if it was okay to wear with my gold jewelry since people usually stick with one color. She said yes and is definitely right.

I love how my gold and silver rings that I always wear look paired together. I also love individual jewelry pieces that have mixed metals, like this RegalRose necklace from ASOS and Honey Bee Ring from Etsy. The mixed metals of these items look so good and intentional– they blend well.

RegalRose Exclusive Hand of Glory Necklace
Honey Bee Ring

I think it’s important when mixing metals, and frankly with jewelry in general, to make sure they’re all the same vibe. Your look should be cohesive. Below are some chain bracelets from Free People. While they’re each a different style of chain and metal, they’re still chains, so there’s the cohesion. Any of these paired together would look super cute.

Free People Delicate Chain Bracelet

If you’re a little nervous to mix metals, it’s more lowkey to mix metals of the same style. Below are a set of five stacking rings by Madewell as well as Set & Stones rings both from Nordstrom. The concept of mixed metal stacked rings is way more common than wearing a gold necklace and a silver bracelet, for instance, so if you choose this route I promise no one will lose sleep over it.

Madewell Filament Set of 5 Stacking Rings
Set & Stones Nolan Ring

I hope to see more mixed metal in the future because it really is nonsensical to stick to one jewelry material forever. Whoever gave us the idea you had to was wrong, just like the person who told us you can’t wear white after Labor Day. Fashion has no rules. YOLO.


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