Racism is not an uncomfortable topic if you’re not racist.

I’m not black, so I will never understand the fear and oppression black people have faced and experienced and continue to experience. To the black community: I hear you and I mourn with you. I’m so angry and I’m so frustrated, but I will do what I can to fight for you. Sharing aesthetic Instagram stories about Black Lives Matter means nothing if these words don’t match your actions. We need to continually check our behavior and that of others.

White privilege exists as a result of historic and enduring racism. It doesn’t mean my life or the life of any other white person hasn’t been hard, but that the color of my skin isn’t one of the things making my life or any white person’s life any harder. I have never in my 20 years of life feared for something because of the color of my skin. I’ve benefited from it.

Do not dare say “all lives matter.” Black Lives Matter is about black people and all the struggles and obstacles they’ve gone through as a direct result of their skin color. There was no “all lives matter” before BLM because people seek to invalidate BLM by saying “all lives matter.” They want to take attention away from it, and for what? Are you so offended black people are finally receiving support and you’re not the center of attention? If that’s the case, kindly shut the f*ck up. No one is saying black lives matter more than others. The injustice and racial oppression against all black lives is the focal point of the movement.

Here are anti-racism resources with information on how to educate yourself as a white person. It has books, films, podcasts, and more. It’s our responsibility to create change. Waiting and watching won’t change anything.

A Twitter thread offering advice for protestors on how to stay safe and what to do in violent or dangerous circumstances:


Donate to Black Lives Matter:

Donate to the George Floyd Memorial Fund:

Donate to a bail fund to assist protestors:

Donate to any of the links on this Twitter thread:

Text “FLOYD” to 55156 to call for action against the police officer who murdered of George Floyd

Text “ENOUGH” to 55156 to call for action against the police officers who murdered of Breonna Taylor

Sign the Justice for George Floyd petition:

Sign the Justice for Breonna Taylor petition:


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