Monochromatic outfits

I see a lot of monochromatic loungewear sets and think they’re so cute and stylish. I’m also into nicer monochromatic outfits like the ones below; it’s so easy. I like it with similar shades, too. Would love for the navy with black and ivory with white stigma to end. It’s not a thing.

Mini bags

This Y2K style is so cute and I’m happy for its comeback. Plus, you don’t have to spend a lot of money because mini bags are everywhere. If you’re looking to invest, however, the Prada Re-Edition 2000 nylon mini bag is amazing and vintage.

JW PEI Eva Shoulder Bag
Pleated skirts

Pleated skirts look amazing paired with a crewneck sweatshirt or oversized t-shirt, but can be worn with nicer tops too. Overall a solid piece that I’m excited to start wearing.

American Apparel Gabardine Tennis Skirt
Collars with crewnecks

This is such a nice way to spice up a not-so-spicy crewneck look. Plus it’s amazing with a pleated skirt and these aren’t hard to find. I got one that was Brandy Melville from Depop, but thrift stores and department stores have these, too.

via Madison Beer on Instagram
Loose pants

I am done with skinny jeans. DONE. The big pants + little shirt combo is something the fashion industry desperately needed, and there are so many styles of loose pants you’re bound to find one that speaks to you: denim, pleated pants, lounge pants, corduroy– I prefer all these in loose styles.

Levi’s Loose Straight Women’s Jeans
Topshop Ted Corduroy Wide Leg Pants
Biker shorts

I didn’t like biker shorts for a long time, but when I found myself outgrowing the “giant tops that covers my shorts” look, I thought to try biker shorts and I am eternally grateful for it. They’re comfortable and cute, and make your outfit look more put together. There’s a ton of places to get biker shorts, but I like Aritzia’s Tna Equator Short 7″.

Princes Diana did. that.
Rectangle / Y2K style sunglasses

Y2K is one of my favorite styles and I draw a lot of fashion inspiration from it. Rectangle sunglasses give me that vibe, but also don’t scream “2000s” as much as a Juicy Couture sweatsuit does, for example.

Princess Polly Creeper Sunglasses
Mary Jane shoes

I have a hard time finding shoes I like beside sneakers LOL, but Mary Janes are unique and fun, have been around forever, and could go with seriously any outfit. In addition to the Mary Jane style, Doc Martens’ 1461 Smooth Leather Platform Shoes are cute and not your typical shoe. ~Diversification~

Doc Martens Polley Smooth Leather Mary Janes
Victorian / Renaissance inspired jewelry

This style + chunky chains are my favorites right now. Jewelry really has the ability to make an outfit or dress it up and give you confidence. The great thing about the nameplate necklace below is you can customize it however you like, and the Old English font is dope.

Princess Polly Excalibur Sword Earrings
Vibeszn Classic Old English Nameplate Necklace
Chunky hoops

We all know hoop earrings are the best, and the chunky style is included. I stick to small hoops because I can’t stand heavy earrings so I like the fact that you can do this trend in any size.

PAVOI 14k Yellow Gold Chunky Hoops from Amazon

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