ColourPop is an American cosmetics brand based in Los Angeles and owned by brother-sister duo, Laura and John Nelson. You can find their products at Ulta or through their website. I really like ColourPop because of their morals, affordability, and quality.

ColourPop is 100% cruelty-free which is something I look for in all the makeup I buy. Cosmetic animal testing is cruel and not required. It’s done mainly out of convention and to provide data that can be used when faced with a lawsuit, but this doesn’t excuse it. A company using animal testing speaks to their brand’s shortcomings and absence of compassion.

Products from ColourPop are known for being affordable with great quality. In their “Meet ColourPop” video, Laura and John explain they’re able to make such affordable, high quality products because they have all their formulators on their “campus” in LA where they also design, produce, and manufacture products. They have collaborations with makeup artists like Kathleen Lights and Ellarie, and other brands.

I recently discovered my Laura Mercier translucent setting powder has talc in it, which causes flashback and is potentially harmful. I also don’t like spending $40 for a setting powder. I’ve since switched to ColourPop’s $10 No Filter Loose Setting Powder in translucent and it’s arguably better than the Laura Mercier one. They sell it in multiple colors, too!

ColourPop has amazing jelly eyeshadows, cosmetic glitter, a very popular foundation, and just a ton of great products focused around the eyes, lips, and face that won’t break the bank. They even produce vegan products, although they aren’t completely vegan.

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