Kayla Itsines is an Australian personal trainer, author, and entrepreneur. She’s the creator of the Sweat app, which includes the Bikini Body Guide. The Sweat app offers additional programs like a nutritional guide, post-pregnancy workouts, lifting at home, and more. I decided to do the BBG program because my friend had a lot of success with it and it was appealing during quarantine when gyms were closed. It isn’t something you should jump into without any workout experience, but is perfect with some experience under your belt and if you’re looking for guidance like I was. It’s suggested for women aged 16-40 who want to obtain “a state of mind where you are confident and feel good about you.”

BBG is a 12-week program that can be done as home with minimal equipment– I wouldn’t say zero. It’s made up of 28-minute workouts with two circuits each day that are to be done three times a week. The three rounds of circuits are focused around legs/cardio, arms and abs, and full body. How it works is you do each circuit for seven minutes, twice. So, circuit one for seven minutes, circuit two for seven minutes, and repeat.

Would I recommend BBG? Yes. Having the structure this program offers is perfect for someone who needs it because it makes you feel accountable to actually complete the days’ workouts. I took progress photos on week four, eight, and 12 as suggested in the e-Book and saw progress at every photo, even the first four weeks.

In total, I usually spent 32 minutes working out. I’d take one minute breaks in between the circuits, and the occasional break during a circuit if I had to stop, but I always stopped my timer to ensure I was working out for the total seven minutes.

The circuits get progressively more difficult every four weeks, and the last four were the hardest for me. I ended up repeating the first four weeks because I liked it so much and had the time available before returning to school for the fall semester.

All in all, I would recommend BBG to anyone. Home workouts are appealing because of the comfort and convenience of being at home, and especially because gyms aren’t necessarily an option for everyone. My greatest takeaway from BBG in addition to the physical changes is my confidence in “workout knowledge.” I have a better idea of what to do when I walk into a gym or want to work out and will continue to use it as a guide for workouts. I feel stronger and healthier and although I know I have farther to go to reach my goal, I’m so happy I completed the program.

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