This costume is perfect because it can be done within big or small groups, or on your own. You can draw inspiration from the Rainbow Magic books, where each character is a fairy named after a color, or Winx Club and Pixie Hollow.

I would apply glitter makeup under my eyes, using the the NYX Professional Makeup Body Glitter.

Dress, wings, butterfly hair clips

Wednesday Addams

Wednesday Addams is an iconic character, so it’s inherently an iconic costume. You probably own a black dress or all-black outfit, plus black tights.

All that’s left is some sort of white collar to throw underneath with two three-strand braids and black boots or flats.

Dress, faux collar, tights

Little Red Riding Hood

This costume is easy because it only requires the red cape in addition to a white outfit that you can pick from your closet. Plus, the cape only retails for $10.

I’d pair this with knee-high socks and any red or white shoes.

Dress, cape, basket

Girl Scout

I think the Girl Scout costume is adorable, and although you may have less of these items already in your closet compared to other costumes, it’s worth it if you have the means to obtain them, IMO.

You can leave the sash plain, or go to your local craft store and pick out some iron-on patches for some DIY action. And it’s customizable that way!

Skirt, shirt, beret, sash

Angel(s) & Devil

Many times I’ve dressed up for Halloween with a headband as my sole accessory, and I have no shame in that. With this costume you can do an angel/devil duo or angel/fallen angel duo, as well as a trio with all three.

You can add matching wings or a devil’s tail for more pizazz, but it isn’t necessary. Pair these with a monochrome outfit according to your headband and you’re good to go.

White angel headband, fallen angel headband, devil headband

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