Green is such an underrated color in my opinion. Plus, it’s a muted/neutral form of green, so it’s an easy transition into if you’re used to wearing neutrals. And not to mention that sage green is calm enough it can be carried into the summer. All you have to do it switch up what you’re pairing it with and you’re good to go! It works year-round. As for brown, having brown eyes has got me so excited brown is in. I feel like I’ve never seen brown clothing and I don’t know why because it’s so beautiful, and amazingly, it’s compatible with all skin tones and hair colors IMO. Here are some sage green and brown pieces I’ve found that I think are killer.

Princess Polly Military Minds Mini Dress

In addition to the sage color, this style of dress– military, is very trendy. Its simple with ruching on the side that means you can adjust the length, and it adds more to this modest dress.

Urban Outfitters Native Youth Avery Puffer Jacket

Puffers are a necessity for the winter, and although I’d say if you only have one, go with a more neutral like white/black/beige, this sage green UO puffer is a great second option. And it’s cropped!

Zara Limitless Contour Collection Halter Top 01

I love a good mock neck– I think they’re so flattering. It would look great with some fun pants (I’m picturing zebra print). I also think it’d be cute under a faux leather or sherpa jacket for the winter time!

John Galt Cowgirl Cropped T-Shirt

Baby tees are such a cute, easy style, and I love the “cowgirl” being that I’m from the south. This top can be worn with casual bottoms like knit, wide-leg pants, but would be just as cute with some baggy jeans and boots or sneakers.

BDG Corduroy High-Waisted Slim Straight Pant

Corduroy is a good way to spice up a regular pair of pants and there’s something about them in the brown that seems extra cozy, like a teddy bear! I think they’d look really cool with a brown top to create a monochrome look.

Zara Cropped Top

This Zara top gives me corset vibes, which are in right now. Fortunately, it seems more comfortable and not as hardcore as an actual corset.

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