There is a long history of unrest among Israel and Palestine, and the Israel-Palestine Crisis cannot be explained simply. For centuries, Jews and Muslims have had claims on the land because of religious and historical significance to each group. Following Britain’s depart from Palestine after World War II, the occupation issue between Jews and Muslims was passed off to the United Nations. Then, in 1948, Israel became an independent state. Palestinian Arabs were not in support of the establishment of Israel from the beginning and quickly moved to prevent it.

For Jews, Israel was their ancestral home, but Arabs claimed the land as well. Jerusalem is a holy site to Jews, Muslims, and Christians. There were wars, the first and second Intifadas, and more violence. Just this Wednesday, more than 1,000 rockets were fired from Gaza, most intercepted by an anti-missile defense system according to the Israeli military. Following this were airstrikes from Israel to military and residential areas throughout the Gaza Strip.

As stated, the apartheid between Israel and Palestine is extremely complicated and with a situation as long-lasting as this, there’s no surprise. Zack Beauchamp from Vox explains it as, “Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs both want the same land. And a compromise has proven difficult to find.” The apartheid is not about religion at all– a common misconception. Some believe the root of the problem to be that Israel is oppressing Palestine, and that it’s a case of Zionist settler colonialism. According to BBC, Israel is committing crimes of apartheid and persecution. The Jewish state “has a policy ‘to maintain the domination by Jewish Israelis over Palestinians,’ including those who are its citizens.” However, Israel’s foreign ministry has called this report “preposterous and false.”

What’s happening is a crisis and there is truthfully no “side” to be on. Both Israel and Palestine have retaliated and hurt people. There are extremists on both sides fueling each other, and no one is in the right. 27 children have been killed in Gaza from misfired rockets. Gaza’s death tolls are reaching 200 and over are 70 dead in Israel. Families are being ripped away from each other and having to take shelter from bombs. Israel shut off Gaza’s internet and electricity, and the Palestinian territory is very much under attack right now. However, so is Israel. It’s crazy how wars never have anything to do with actual people, but civilians are the only ones affected.

The United States has historically given the state of Israel diplomatic, financial, and military support more than any other foreign country; $3.8 billion in military aid to be precise. Some might say that makes the US complicit. President Biden has reaffirmed the United States’ commitment to a two-state solution, and action needs to be taken now before more innocent lives are taken and the situation escalates any further. The two-state solution which the US supports would establish two states for two groups: Palestine for Palestinian people and Israel for Jewish people.

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